ACV-Transcom complains about staff shortages, inadequate equipment and abuse of one-day contracts at Aviapartner


Yesterday’s meeting between Aviapartner management and the worker unions didn’t go as planned, ACV-Transcom union wrote on their website. ACV-Transcom complained about staff shortages, inadequate equipment and abuse of one-day contracts.

ACV-Transcom secretary Bjorn Vanden Eynde explains:

In July and August the workload of baggage handlers will increase at Brussels Airport, mainly due to staff shortage in this holiday peak period. Furthermore the equipment that has to be used endangers the safety of the employees.

To accommodate the staff shortage, one additional morning team and one extra night team was promised. Four interim workers at Aviapartner Cargo will receive a contract of indefinite duration, but the proposal made during the meeting is insufficient for Vanden Eynde.

Problems also arise at Ostend and Liege Airport where ground staff is working with one-day contracts.

For ACV-Transcom the current proposals are insufficient in the long-term, the union now asks ground staff to work with “common sense” and in a “safe environment”.


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