Belgian National Gliding Championship 2021

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This year’s edition of the Belgian Gliding Championship took place from 23 to 30 May at the National Gliding Centre (CNVV) The weather was not very cooperative and after an entry event on Sunday 23 May, the competitors had to wait until Friday 28 to take to the air again. In total three tasks were completed, which allowed the championship to be validated.

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For this edition, a total of 39 machines were competing in the three classes (Club, Combined tandard 15M & 20M and Combined 18M & 20M & Open). This year’s event was of course influenced by the COVID-19 epidemic as Michel, in charge of the CNVV, explains: « The COVID conditions had a big influence on this event. First of all, there were self-tests, no more gatherings, everything was done in the open air with video-conference briefings, … the only authorized gatherings are those like today around a glider with the mask, before the departure of the flights with a limited number of people. We have also carried out a risk study as requested by the authorities. All of this was done in order to obtain the agreement of the local authorities to carry out this activity. In reality, we are subject to two protocols: the first is the protocol for aerial activities, which is managed by the DGTA (General Directorate of Air Transport), and the second is the protocol for sports activities, which depends on the Minister of Sports Valérie Glatigny of the Wallonia/Brussels Federation. We put them next to each other to look at all the constraints and see how to organise a championship. Finally, the project was submitted to the communal authorities, who made their analysis. There were quite a few discussions. As this championship is also a qualifying event for the European and World Championships, it is considered a professional type championship, which is authorised. This was not the case last year. This championship is very important for the riders because it gives them the possibility to get back in control of their riding.

© Benoît Denet
© Benoît Denet

On 8 May we had some flexibility which made it possible to envisage this event.  We had already prepared the files, which were submitted to the municipality fairly quickly and around 14-15 May we received the agreement. Fortunately, the preparations (including the airspace applications) had already begun a year in advance. We had put the pilots on notice while waiting for the final go. Now everyone here was delighted at the start of the event. We had created the conditions for this championship to take place. Moreover, this competition takes place in the open air on an area of 85 hectares and this gives us certain guarantees that it can take place in good conditions. The conditions for accommodation and catering are also special. The prize-giving ceremony on Sunday will be held outdoors with COVID measurements. Everything has been formatted according to the measurements ».

© Benoît Denet
© Benoît Denet

Gliding has been a passion for some for a very long time. It gives a feeling of freedom and challenge to the fine and sharp piloting. CNVV Chief Pilot Manu tells us: «  I have been working here for 33 years and I have also done various national and international competitions. My job is to instruct and train tug pilots and glider instructors. I also organise everything that happens at the CNVV. My hobby is mainly competition. I have been selected for more than 10 World Championships and I have been everywhere, for example in Texas and Australia. It was fantastic.

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As for today’s event (Friday), we’re going for a 350km run. And we hope that it will be OK with the weather conditions. It’s the second race of the championship and we need three of them to be valid ».

Manu will finish third that day after a few hours of flying.

© Benoît Denet

There is no doubt that this 2021 edition will have left its mark on people’s minds given the conditions due to the pandemic, but it will have been held without a hitch and in a very good atmosphere.

© Benoît Denet

Results :

Class OPEN :

Name                                  Club                  Glider                     Total

1 Thomas De Bruyn              BZC                   LS4                        2062

2 Frédéric de Groote            BZC                   Std.Libelle               2052

3  Jelle Vandebeeck             BZC                   ASW 24                   1935

4 Stouffs Patrick                  ACRA                 Janus C RG             1885

5 Robin Selfslagh                ACRA                 LS 1                        1675

6 Benoit Evrard                  CNVV                 LS4                         1640

7 Henri Philippe                  ACRA                 LS4 WL                   1545

8 Edwige Colson                 CNVV                  ASW 24                 1387

9  Peter Bertels                    BZC                    Std Libelle            1379

10 Bernard Botman             VZP                     LS4                      1025

11 Pieter Lievens                 VZP                     LS1                      1005

© Benoît Denet

Class Combined Standard, 15 M & 20M :

Name                                 Club                    Glider                          Total

1 Dennis Huybreckx             KACK                     LS8                            2155

2 Jeroen Jennen                  KACK                     LS8                            2154

3  Daan Spruyt                      VZP                     Ventus 2 ax                 2013

4  Tim Huybreckx                 KACK                     Discus 2bt                   1850

5 Pieter Daems                    KACK                     Discus 2bt                   1770

6 André-Emmanuel Litt        CNVV                      Ventus 3T                   1770

7 Robbie Seton                    KACK                     LS8                             1730

8 Nick Fremau                     BZC                        LS8                            1702

9  Geert De Palmenaer         VZP                        Ventus 1C                   1166

10  Nick Redant                    Lille Planeur          DG400                         1108

11 Maxim Alexandre             ACRA                  LS8                               1075

© Benoît Denet

Class Combined 18M, 20M & Open :

Name                                    Club               Glider                     Total

1 Jean-Luc Colson                  ACRA            ASG 29                      2195

2 Geert Van Duyse                 EZAC            ASH 26                      2017

3  François Delfosse               ACUL            JS 3 Jet                      1989

4 Tijl Schmelzer                    KACK            Ventus 3T                   1987

5  Christiaan Bielen               KACK            Arcus T                       1971

6  Pierre de Broqueville         RACK           Binder Eb29                  1919

7  Thomas Leduc                  ACRA           Lak17                          1846

8 Vladimir Foltin                   Nitra             Js3 Jet                        1838

9 Bert Schmelzer                  KACK            Ventus 3T                   1831

10 Billuart & Patureau           ACRA             ASH 25Mi                   1817

11 Billuart & Patureau           ACRA             Arcus 2T                    1753

12  Wim Akkermans             KACK              ASG 29                     1737

13 Hanssens & Fassin           ACRA              ASG 32 Mi                 1632

14 Jean-Louis Cornez           AVRA              ASG 29                      1608

15 Bert sr. Schmelzer          KACK              Ventus 2cxT                1473

16  Antoine Keller               CNVV              Arcus T                       1212

17  RENARD & DE CONINCK ACRA            ASG 32Mi                       606

© Benoît Denet






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