Brigade General 11th Air Mobile Explains Falcon Autumn (interview)

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Brigade General 11th Air Mobile Explains Falcon Autumn (interview)

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During Falcon Autumn, the armed forces practice protecting NATO territory. Brigade General Cas Schreurs of the 11th Airmobile Brigade explains how the exercise is built up in this video. In the scenario is a country been attacked and the allies are responding to this aggression. A so-called article five scenario where NATO allies join forces if one of them is attacked is being trained here. The airmobile soldiers have to regain important ground and chase the enemy away like in the example of Valkenburg in the film. During the exercise they move on foot, in light vehicles or by helicopter. Everything revolves around the AASLT (Air Assault) during Falcon Autumn. During the three weeks, this aspect of Air Maneuver is extensively practiced. The main purpose of the exercise is to train the cooperation between infantrymen of the airmobile brigade and helicopter units of the air force in an international context. Falcon Autumn is all about training the AASLT on a very large scale.

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