Year 2021 review | 5 minutes of military aviation action | 32TFS Aviation

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Year 2021 review | 5 minutes of military aviation action | 32TFS Aviation

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Hereby my video review of the year 2021. Even though we are still in the Covid 19 pandemic, it was an interesting year with a lot of flight movements. Especially the WIC (Weapons Instructor Course) at my home base Leeuwarden brought many visiting aircraft.
This was also the year that the F-16 Fighting Falcon left Leeuwarden Air Base, which means that Leeuwarden Air Base is now an F-35 Lightning II Air Base.
On 1 July there was a shock due to an F-16 incident at Leeuwarden Air Base. During the start-up of an F-16 that took part in the WIC, the engine speed automatically increased to military power. As a result, the Belgian pilot could no longer hold the F-16 despite pressing the brakes, so that the F-16 drove straight ahead into a building. Fortunately, the pilot managed to use his ejection seat in time and it went relatively well for the pilot. The pilot spent several days in hospital due to an injury to his leg. The pilot is now flying around in an F-16 again :).
In addition, after more than a year, it was again possible to enter Kleine Brogel Air Base by opening the doors for a spotters day.
And for me the Canadian CH148 Cyclone at heliport De Kooy was definitely a highlight.
I hope you enjoy the video and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy 2022.

Stay safe and healthy you all.

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