CGN 15/08/2021

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CGN 15/08/2021

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After the holiday in Mallorca, we decided to stay in Cologne and book a hotel for some days. Small city trip. Before heading home i did a quick shoot and run at the airport

Seen between 16:00-16:10

Eurowings A319 DAKNU
Eurowings A321 DAEUB still in basic Air Berlin c/s
Star Air B762 OYSRG
Star Air B762 OYSRI
Star Air B762 OYSRN
Star Air B762 OYSRO
Cargojet B763 CFCCJ
Cargojet B763 CFMIJ
Swiftair AT72 ECKJA
Swiftair AT72 ECMAF
Sprintair SF34 SPKPV
ASL Airlines B734 EISTI DHL hybrid
Bluebird B733 TFBBG
Global Reach Aviation CRJ2 OYCRJ
Goldeck Flug C68A OEGLR
Multinational Multi Role Tanker A332 T056

All my posted timings are local !

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