PMI 06/08/2021

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PMI 06/08/2021

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The evening before my wife let me go spotting for a certain time and in the morning i just grabbed my chance again :D
Was more a relax holiday, so not much spotting planned but couldn't resist as my hotel was just 10min from the airport.

Seen between 11:00-13:20

Air Nostrum CRJ2 ECHEK Cantabria c/s
Air Nostrum CRJX ECLJS Aviacion sin fronteras c/s
Iberia Express A21N ECNGP
Uep!Fly AT72 ECLST
Air Europa AT72 ECMZJ
Air Europa B738 ECLUT
Air Europa B738 ECLPR
Vueling A320 ECMBL
Vueling A320 ECMFM
Vueling A20N ECNAE
Volotea A319 ECMTD Asturias c/s
Ryanair B738 EIDCK
Ryanair B738 EIDCK
Ryanair B738 EIDCX
Ryanair B738 EIDHF
Ryanair B738 EIDWZ
Ryanair B738 EIEMM
Ryanair B738 9HQAN
Ryanair B738 9HQEO
Lauda A320 9HLOA
Lauda A320 9HLOU
Lauda A320 9HLOR
Lauda A320 9HLOY
Eurowings A319 DAGWK
Eurowings A320 DABHG
Eurowings A320 DABNK
Eurowings A320 DAEWU
Eurowings A319 OELYZ
Eurowings A320 OEIQD Eurowings holidays c/s
Easyjet A20N GUZHO
Easyjet A320 OEIZF
Condor B753 DABOH
British Airways A320 GEUYM B738 GDRTD B738 GJZBN B738 GJZBR B738 GJZHS A21N GHLYF
Jettime B738 OYJZN
Transavia B738 PHHZL
Lufthansa A319 DAIBB
Lufthansa A319 DAIBE
Lufthansa A320 DAIUO
Lufthansa A320 DAIUX
Edelweiss A320 HBJJN
Chair airlines A319 HBJOG
Aerowest C56X DCAWO
Aerowest C680 DCARO
Netjets E55P CSPHM
Netjets F2TH CSDLE
E-aviation C25C DCEFE
Tyrolean Jet Service C650 OEGLS
Vistajet CL35 9HVCM
Vistajet CL35 9HVCO
Zenith LJ75 GZNTJ
Private B200 FHDLN

All my posted timings are local !

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