LGG 06/08/2020 Uzbekistan

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LGG 06/08/2020 Uzbekistan

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xxxx-0905 AWU C25A DIGWT
1215-1415 ASJ C68A FHSFJ
xxxx-1300 ATG B744 ERBAM
xxxx-1440 GCL B734 DACLW
xxxx-1555 FLJ E35L GPRFX
1600-xxxx VJT CL35 9HVCD
1600-xxxx WGN MD11 N543JN
1715-2000 UZB B763 UK67002
1745-xxxx VJT CL60 9HVFJ

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Re: LGG 06/08/2020 Uzbekistan

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Hello everyone!
Right after Cygnus 757 around 15.20hrs this visitor showed up with a nice flyby!
FA-135, F-16,LGG 6.8.20.JPG

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