BRU 09/07/2020

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BRU 09/07/2020

Post by tangolima »


0740-1715 CTM TBM7 FRAZZ
xxxx-0745 PC24 LXPCD
0855-xxxx C525 HAKAR
xxxx-0915 CL60 9HVFH
0925-xxxx PLF C295 020 EBMB
0935-xxxx C56X DCAWO
0955-1145 IEI P180 MM62169 EBMB
xxxx-1115 E55P DCHIC
1135-xxxx CL35 9HVCD
1250-1545 PC12 LXJFS
1340-1545 C68A FHSFJ
1420-1815 IAM FA50 MM62026 EBMB
1530-1615 E55P MELON
xxxx-1615 BE40 ITOPX
1910-xxxx PC24 LXPCB

All my posted timings are local !

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Re: BRU 09/07/2020

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xxxx-1530 —— C501 S5CMM
xxxx-1700 HUAF FA7X 606
xxxx-1800 MEN LJ60 A9CASM
xxxx-1830 PLF C295 020

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