BRU 01/06/2020

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BRU 01/06/2020

Post by sdbelgium »

STA 09.15 AZG658 B744 VP-BCR from GYD
STA 10.10 AFL2168 B77W VQ-BUB from SVO
STA 14.10 RAM352 B763 CN-ROW from CMN
STA 14.30 ABB8552 A343 OO-ABA from PNH
STA 15.55 WZZ9AL A320 HA-LYM from BUD (inaugural flight)

STD 12.00 GL5T N112QS to IAD
STD 12.00 AZG659 B744 VP-BCR to GYD
STD 12.50 AFL2169 B77W VQ-BUB to SVO
STD 14.00 BEL9933 A333 OO-SFX to TAO
STD 15.40 RAM353 B763 CN-ROW to CMN
STD 21.00 ABB855P A343 OO-ABA to PNH

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BRU 01/06/2020

Post by tangolima »


xxxx-0745 PC12 OKPVG
1020-xxxx GLF5 HBJAZ
1220-1330 PC12 OHJRJ
1225-xxxx C750 DBOOC
1255-1400 GLF6 MUSIK
1330-1515 BE40 OKJFA
xxxx-1415 GLEX CSGLE
1755-1845 C56X DCJUG
2255-xxxx CL60 DATWO

All my posted timings are local !

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Re: BRU 01/06/2020

Post by TLspotting »

W6 2241 / WZZ9AL BUD-BRU, A320 HA-LYM, eta 1534.
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