BRU 22/01/2020

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BRU 22/01/2020

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Eta1239 HFM310P A321 9H-LIS

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Re: BRU 22/01/2020

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xxxx-1045 GLF4 OEITC
1120-1700 E50P FHMAU
1220-1415 PC24 LXPCB
1240-xxxx HFM A321 9HLIS EBMB
1345-xxxx C56X CSDXH
1405-1455 F2TH FHLRX
xxxx-115 HFY A321 CSTRJ EBMB
xxxx-1530 GLEX N312AF
xxxx-1715 C56X CSDXH
1810-1915 LJ45 MABEU
xxxx-1915 CL60 DATMJ
2030-xxxx PC12 FHJFP

All my posted timings are local !

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Re: BRU 22/01/2020

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tangolima wrote: 22 Jan 2020, 09:56 xxxx-1045 GLF4 OEITC
afterdeparture-return now on ILS
(forgot the VIPs?) :?

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