LGG 22/01/2020

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LGG 22/01/2020

Post by wapo84 »

Eta0919 QTR8158 B77L A7-BFO
Eta0954 ABD5310 B744 TF-AMR
Eta1043 TAY816 B744 OE-IFB
Eta1119 ACP2602 B744 TF-AMM
Eta1119 ICL505 B744 4X-ICA
Eta1143 FDX5170 B77L N850FD
Eta1221 WGN8188 MD11 N545JN
Eta1250 FDX5213 B77L N869FD

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Re: LGG 22/01/2020

Post by mill100 »

atd0835 FDX5092 MD11 N643FE
atd0855 FDX6214 B75F N968FD
atd0910 FDX21 B77F N858FD
atd1035 FDX2 B77F N878FD

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Re: LGG 22/01/2020

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2225-xxxx VDA A124 RA82042

All my posted timings are local !

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