easyJet in 2020

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Re: easyJet in 2020

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I am on the line with the Easyjet call center.
It took 2 hours 45 minutes for someone to take me off the music. While on hold, I went out for 30 minutes, came home, made dinner and started eating, when suddenly someone answered.

I called with with a request to take me off the flight after rebooking me without my consent, to avoid going no-show.
So apparently they are going to let me go no show and I have to claim the refund, they're just going to leave a note for the refund people.

On another booking, they gave me a voucher instead of the requested refund.
There's nothing they can do about it they said.
So there, the only option is to contact your credit card company.

If you're worried about spending a fortune on calls, you can purchase a subscription for UK landlines on Skype for less than 4 EUR, it gives you unlimited calls.

What a mess.

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Re: easyJet in 2020

Post by sn26567 »

easyJet cancels domestic flights within Germany, and significantly reduces its presence in Germany.
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