BRU 07/11/2019

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BRU 07/11/2019

Post by tangolima » 07 Nov 2019, 11:13


xxxx-1105 H25B CSDUA
1105-2145 AME F900 T1803
1115-1815 FA7X DAGBH
xxxx-1200 GLEX N930EN
1215-xxxx SSG F100 OMBYC
1345-xxxx IRL LJ45 IRL258
xxxx-1345 F2TH CSDLK
xxxx-1415 JTN B733 FGZTA
xxxx-1445 E55P OEGDF
1455-xxxx CEF YK40 1257
xxxx-1615 C510 FHKIL
xxxx-1745 GAF A310 1023 EBMB
1745-xxxx E55P DCTOR
xxxx-1745 CL60 OHWII
1840-xxxx E55P DCCGM
2010-xxxx LJ60 DCNUE
2045-xxxx SUI F900 T785
2145-xxxx GLEX SERMT

All my posted timings are local !

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