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Good afternoon all,

I would like to present you my program RETRO-LOADSHEET on AMSTRAD CPC.
AMSTRAD is a computer of a retro age, at about 1985. I created just for fun a program that tries to calculate a loadsheet for an aircraft.
Of course there are many limitations, mainly due to limited memory, but also due to the fact that I am not a professional programmer. I can program in that computer just as a hobby, as i remember some things from my childhood. There are some other limitations also, but i believe that, generally speaking, the calculations are in a correct way. The program is made in Locomotive Basic 1.0.

I hope that some of you may find it enjoyable.

You can find a video here:

and details (Download, Program manual, Instructions of downloading emulator etc) here: ... d-balance/
or ... dsheet.htm

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