BRU 12/07/2018

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Re: BRU 12/07/2018

Post by NLmember » 12 Jul 2018, 23:17

Went to BRU today for the NATO visitors, thanks for the list tanglima!

Few requests :
A332 LEVEL inside the LH maintenance hanger
A332 Brussels Airlines inside their hanger
2x ERJ departing at 14:15 and 14:25, mostly white, one a bizz one the other one could have been BMI

And can anyone confirm 605 for the HUAF A319 landing on 25R around 17:30?

Thank you!

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Re: BRU 12/07/2018

Post by dcoops » 13 Jul 2018, 11:41


The "bizz-like" ERJ was S5-ACJ operating for HOP!

Your LEVEL A332 is EC-MYA


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