Boeing 737 (MAX) news

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Re: Boeing 737 (MAX) news

Post by Conti764 » 14 Jun 2019, 20:42

DeltaWiskey wrote:
14 Jun 2019, 19:07
Conti764 wrote:
14 Jun 2019, 18:43
Shame on me but I've thought to be seeing a taxiing Max from Tuifly one day, it appeared to be a 737NG with scimitar winglets... :oops:

I thought Boeing only made them available on Max aircraft.
They are slightly different.

Other easy to spot differences are the engine cowling "chevrons" and the different APU exhaust.
Thanks ;) Didnt know...

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Re: Boeing 737 (MAX) news

Post by TLspotting » 14 Jun 2019, 20:50

All 4 TUI fly BE MAX are on Taxiway Yankee at Brussels.

The only way to go for them is maybe to Hangar 40 / TUIport, nothing more ;)
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Re: Boeing 737 (MAX) news

Post by Passenger » 15 Jun 2019, 10:46

People forget. Tourists forget. Tourism to Egypt and Tunisia have recovered from zero – but not to the same level as before their deadly terrorist attacks. I predict the same for the 737 MAX. Once the aircraft is declared airworthy, passengers will fly on them. But not at the same level as they did before the ET crash: many passengers will look at the aircraft type, and will eventually change their flight or their airline.

Airlines will do their upmost to regain confidence. Like Jan Peeters ( wrote: “…Marketing en PR consultants zijn al een hele tijd bezig om scenario’s, slogans en verhalen te bedenken om de consument te overtuigen dat het bewuste Boeing type bij her ingebruikname, ook helemaal veilig zal zijn….”

The safety image is much more damaged than some here suggest. And it won’t help to ridiculize tourists and/or businessmen like “they even don’t know if they board an Airbus or a Boeing”. A lot of polls and surveys have been done. Me thinks the most relevant one, is the one done by IPSOS and Reuters (see link below - IPSOS is a professional survey company). Reuters reported about the results that the damage isn’t too bad: “…In the public opinion poll released May 15, only about half of U.S. adults say they are familiar with the airplane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that together killed 346 people, and only 43% could identify the Boeing 737 MAX as the aircraft involved…"

Good news? Not really if one looks at all questions and answers from that poll. 22% of the 2008 respondents have never heard about both crashes. These are the American citizens who turn in 24/7 on sports channels, cartoons channels, a.o. After all, it’s a general survey, not a survey between passengers only. Same applies for the "only 43% able to identify the MAX as aircraft type". That may look reassuring for Boeing, but repliers had to choose between a 737 MAX and a 737NG. Doubt? You then vote “don’t know”. Hence the high number "don't know" there.
"...These are findings from an Ipsos poll conducted April 30-May 2, 2019 on behalf of Thomson Reuters. For the survey, a sample of roughly 2,008 adults age 18+ from the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii was interviewed online in English..."

How familiar are you with news of recent crashes of the Lion Air flight in Indonesia and/or the Ethiopian Airlines flight in Ethiopia?
19% Very familiar
31% Somewhat familiar
12% Not very familiar
16% I have heard of them, but that’s about it
22% I have never heard of them

Do you know what company built the aircraft that crashed in the two incidents in Ethiopia and Indonesia?
3% Airbus
82% Boeing
2% Bombardier
1% Embraer
1% Cessna
0% Tupolev

Do you know which aircraft model was involved in the crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia?
43% 737 MAX
1% A380
1% A350
1% 777X
3% 737NG
1% MD-90
1% MD-11
0% A320 neo
48% Don’t know
Reuters article: ... SKCN1SL12D
IPSOS Poll (pdf 460 kB):

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