Brussels Airlines' fleet renewal

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Vic Diesel
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Re: Brussels Airlines' fleet renewal

Post by Vic Diesel » 14 Jan 2019, 13:36

PttU wrote:
12 Jan 2019, 19:09
The SSJ's themselves were not the problem, but the cancelled and delayed flights were. And those could be solved with a good spare and/or maintenance management. I don't assume Adria does, but if a candidate to this tender offers SSJ-ops, backed with a better plan to limit disruptions: why not? From a passenger perspective these are good planes (overhead bin space etc...)
Indeed, supply of spare parts and poor maintenance management WAS an issue. But if you think of the signed agreement between Sukhoi and Adria, there is a new maintenance base for the SSJ to be built in LJU - and Sukhoi surely got the message regarding aftersales customer care. And since passenger-wise the SSJ proved to be quite formidable and popular, I don't see why they could not return to the SN fleet in the future. The E190 might be nice, but space for luggage is quite limited and poor - expecially in comparison with the SSJ (although still much better than the CRJs).
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Re: Brussels Airlines' fleet renewal

Post by convair » 14 Jan 2019, 23:05

C96C wrote:
11 Jan 2019, 22:49
According to the unofficial LH Group-site there will be a 5th EW A333 opby SN:

Future will tell us...
The "Brussels" page of that site gives the timing of the transfers.

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