BRU 29/11/2022

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BRU 29/11/2022

Post by tangolima »


0335xxxx F900 N18UD
xxxx-0525 C650 HAJEV
xxxx-0710 E55P DCAGA
xxxx-0725 F900 T7CMD
xxxx-0830 C680 IWALK
xxxx-0915 F2TH CGJKI
0935-1515 C25B S5CES
1105-1815 E50P FHYRL
xxxx-1125 C25M DIBLU
1215-1715 C56X S5CET
1455-xxxx PC24 DCMSL
1620-xxxx P180 OYRIB
1630-1810 TLJ E145 FHFKF
1725-xxxx C56X DCUUU
xxxx-1815 GLEX SERMT
1825-xxxx C25M DIBLU
xxxx-1915 CEF C295 0482
1950-2040 E55P DCAGA
2000-xxxx F2TH CGJKI
2045-xxxx CL35 OEHCU

All my posted timings are local !

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Re: BRU 29/11/2022

Post by fink123 »

1050-xxxx GLF6 CN-AMH.

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Re: BRU 29/11/2022

Post by sdbelgium »

fink123 wrote: 28 Nov 2022, 22:08 1050-xxxx GLF6 CN-AMH.

1910-xxxx FA8X PSBFD
2000-xxxx F2TH CGJKI

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Re: BRU 29/11/2022

Post by WernerV_ »

KC-46 21-46057 arrived last night according to ADS-B as RCH430.
CN-MMH is due out at 14:15.

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Re: BRU 29/11/2022

Post by Jeremy De Winter »

xxxx-1530 GLEX D2ANH

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