FARP Charlie - Refuelling Apaches in the Field in Close-Up Shots

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FARP Charlie - Refuelling Apaches in the Field in Close-Up Shots

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To keep the helicopters continuously deployable in the areas concerned, there were three Forward Arming and Refueling Point (FARP) sites in use near Deelen Air Base. A FARP has only one goal and that is to keep the helicopters deployable for as long as possible. By placing a FARP close behind the lines, helicopters can quickly get fuel and rearm before flying back to the action. A FARP is actually a gasoline and rearmament station for the helicopters in the field. The location of a FARP is chosen in a way that helicopters can reach it quickly. Often a FAP is in a place that is more difficult to spot so that the location remains hidden as long as possible. The advantage of a FARP is that it can also be moved easily to a new location.

Combat helicopters such as the Apaches in particular regularly use the FARP during Falcon Autumn. The helicopters often stay in the air for hours near the troops on the ground to provide fire support. With the help of the FARP, the helicopters can continue to provide fire support to the troops on the ground for a longer period. Training at the FARP is therefore a very important aspect during Falcon Autumn. The personnel manning the FARP are typically soldiers of the air force, because these people have the specific knowledge for the handling of the helicopters. It is also very good for this group to practice on this scale and sometimes they have to handle a lot of helicopters in a short time frame.

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