Question for you commercial pilots!

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Question for you commercial pilots!

Post by jerryjones »

I absolutely love flying and want to pursue a career in piloting. The problem is that I’ve heard being away for so long and constantly takes a massive toll on family and relationships. Is this really true or has it been over reacted? What about flying domestic? Is it really as bad as it’s made out to be? Thanks!

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Re: Question for you commercial pilots!

Post by islandhopper »

Dear Jerryjones
Welcome to this forum,
As I am an Airline pilot now for 22 years and I still love my job, flying aircraft. I flew for several Airlines varying from Belgium ( where I still have my family and social life ) to other bases in Europe.
As long you can have your family at your base it is a great job as well in Belgium or wherever in the world if your family and you feel happy at that place.
From the moment you have to commute to and back from your place of employment, I experienced and still experience there is ' very big price ' to pay. As well for you and for your family.
There are many airlines like Wizzair, Ryanair, Easyjet , ... to name a few who present on paper nice commuting rosters like 5ON-4OFF which is great if again you have your family and social life at the base ... In reality you loose 2 days just to commute leaving you home for 2,5 days every time , not sustainable on the long run.
I fly now part time 15ON-15OFF from a base out of Belgium which works for me.
Hope this gives you an idea about how the real life is for lots of commuting flight crew.
My advice: if you can avoid commuting, being an Airline Pilot is still a great job !

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