Taxibot towing

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Taxibot towing

Post by simulator » 21 Feb 2015, 11:17 ... t-airport/

Got some questions regarding operating the "taxibot" on airports....

- is the pushback driver still required to do the "walkaround" before connecting it to the aircraft?
- during pushback the driver sits in the taxibot (logical, pilots have no view backwards..), but what after the push? Does he leave the vehicle? Does he stay?
- are all temps/pressures/checks done in time for T/O when starting engines so late? What if a problem shows up then? Is maintenance allowed onto taxiways to verify/rectify the problem? Or is the acft coming back?
- providing all goes well, who's verifying the safe "uncoupling" of the device from the acft?
- how's the device returning to stand? Who and how is decided what stand it has to go to (sequencing of stands?)
- first impression to me seems to be that, although fuel consumption, noise and pollution are (far) less, the traffic intensity and number of (drivers) staff will increase tremendously if an airport decides to operate such devices....

Any insight / comments much appreciated....

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