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Aviation24.be forum rules

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Aviation24.be forums are intented to provide a friendly and warm atmosphere, in order to maintain a good community all members should follow the community rules. Take some time to read this page, one day you might need it.

  • Keep in mind that www.aviation24.be is visited by many aviation enthusiasts which of them: professionals, plane spotters, experts, aviation freaks etc...
  • Our main goal is to discuss about aviation.
  • Always display a positive and friendly attitude.
  • Accept others' opinions.
  • Discuss in a constructive way and please stick to the subject of the topic (no off-topic comments)
  • Accept different cultures, religions and races, be open for different age, gender and sexuality.
  • Give new members some time to adjust, make them feel at home
  • English is the main aviation language, please use it as much as possible.
  • Help the moderators by using the 'report a post' button each time a message doesn't meet the community rules.
  • Give other members the time to reply to your questions, please be patient.
  • Don't share personal information like home address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc... in the forums, use private messages.
  • The web team reserve the right to edit or remove any post at any time.
  • Read an interesting article that you would like to share: make a small summary and put the link under the summary, making sure that the article is available for non-members too (e.g. no direction to login-page,..).
  • Don't make offensive posts: cursing, harassment, swearing, prejudice or deliberate insults/name-calling are not allowed.
  • Negative remarks about www.aviation24.be or one of the members of the web team are not allowed, contact webmaster Luchtzak via private message if you like to make personal remarks.
  • Don't post porn or adult content.
  • Don't post multiple topics (in different forums). If you are not certain where to post your message put this in your message, one of the global moderators will move your topic to the correct forum when necessary.
  • Don't post messages just to post messages, show your creativity.
  • Pick a good title for your topic, what we don't like to see:
    1. Ooohhh...
    2. Check this out
    3. Cool!
    What we do like to see:
    1. Company X reports 100 million € profit
    2. Airbus A390 lands at Brussels Airport next week
    3. Company Y flies into bankruptcy.
  • We support the use of quotes, however don't quote the entire text, keep only what is interesting for your message.
  • Don't use excessive large font sizes.
  • KEEP YOUR CAPS LOCK OFF, it's considered as shouting.
  • Use emoticons, different colours and !!!!????'s with moderation.
  • The forum specific rules also apply for private messaging.
  • Members are able to change or remove their post within 60 minutes after publication.
  • The maximum length of a signature is 3 lines.
  • Members who abuse these rules will be warned.
  • Minimum width should be 20x20 pixels, maximum width 140x140.
  • The maximum avatar file size is 20000 bytes (20kb).
  • Your avatar must comply with the community rules mentioned on this page.
  • Spam is not allowed, not via forums and not via private messages, a 1-month ban will be issued for spamming/scamming.
  • Links to affiliate websites are not allowed.
  • Excessively advertising your own website (or any other website) is not allowed.
  • Moderators will remove any message that contains spam.
  • www.aviation24.be has a 3 strike warning policy. A 4th warning will result in a temporary 1-week ban.
  • Arguing with one of the members of the web team after having received a warning will automatically lead into an additional warning.
  • Don't create another nickname when you have been banned, if the webteam finds out we will remove old and new nickname.
  • The web team might bypass the 3 strike warning policy, if the web team finds it appropriate to do so.

  • Planes potting reports title is standard: XXX dd/mm/yyyy where XXX is the 3-letter airport code (e.g.: BRU for Brussels Airport, AMS for Amsterdam Schiphol).
  • When adding your plane spotting report first check that nobody else started a topic on the same date.
  • If you have a request, don't forget to post a log of aircraft you have seen at the airport.
  • It is suggested to keep the images in the plane spotting forums below or at 800 pxs wide.
  • Publishing vacancies from a commercial web site is not allowed, Aviation24.be offers the possibility to publish vacancies and/or advertorials on our main site. Please read our advertise-page for more information.