Sleepy pilot refuses to fly BA flight

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Sleepy pilot refuses to fly BA flight

Post by SN30952 »

Sleepy pilot refuses to fly BA flight with video...
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Post by Malaysia »

Hahahah :lol: lol

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Post by luchtzak »

I can accept the pilot's issue here, if e.g. a bunch of people have a party in the room next to his and can't sleep all night he can call it: 'not fit to do my duties, not fit for my flight!'. Perfectly legal. It's occassionally though that a pilot (or cabin crew) calls on this aviation rule...

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Post by foxtrot_lima_yankee »

But no replacement crews available??
Quite a mess for such a big airline...
Pilots were right though...

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Post by TCAS_climb »

Let me guess... BA decided to cut costs and switched to a cheaper hotel ?


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Post by regi »

No, I guess that BA rents constantly a certain amount of rooms at that hotel for a fixed price. When the room is not used , the hotel sells the room for full price.Could be unregistered guests, extra income for night staff. ( black income ) Happens a lot.

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Post by TCAS_climb »

Apparently there was a large cricket match with a loud PA system in close proximity to the hotel, with loud music being played late. Add to that a main railway line and train station next to the hotel and you should get the picture.

Now the spokesman of the hotel chain said that the crew partyied all night. How elegant from them !

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Post by TexasGuy »

The pilot was right to refuse to fly until he got proper rest. Safety is the name of the game when it comes to airlines!!!
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