LH8946 A380 Frankfurt - Hong-Kong delayed

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LH8946 A380 Frankfurt - Hong-Kong delayed

Post by foxtrot_lima_yankee »

Technical problems on the hydraulical system of the rudder have delayed the flight from Frankfurt to Hong-Kong with 439 'guest' pax for 3 hours.
The failure has been repaired but parts needed to be imported from Toulouse by Airtaxi.

Such new aircraft and already problems...

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Post by Sabena_690 »

As the Fraport authorities exceptionally opened the T2 terrace, I went on a quick trip to FRA last Friday to snap a few pictures of the A380.

The aircraft arrived at the gate about 30 minutes after the scheduled time of departure, and didn't leave until 19h30 in the evening.

It became clear that the aircraft had a technical problem when a business jet of Airbus Industries arrived and parked behind the A380. At that point, technicians started working on the rudder.

Coincidence or not, but 30 minutes later an EZY A319 arrived (a brand-new aircraft, not yet delivered to Easyjet). Perhaps it brought in a few spare parts?

Anyway, I saw the A380 taking off while I was waiting for the SN2614 back to Brussels (which was a little bit of a nostalgic flight for me, as it was the 17th and last SN Brussels Airlines flight ever for me, and the last time I could experience an SN Business Class flight on the European network, except for LHR/DME/TLV/HEL that will continue to see the traditional Business/Economy Class).

All in all a nice short trip, especially due to the T2 visitors deck being exceptionally opened.
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Post by tolipanebas »

Most likely a very minor technical glitch, which can be fixed in a few minutes, but due to the fact no spare parts are available on the airport yet, it caused a delay of a few hours...

No big deal in my view; planes -even new ones- need constant attention.

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Post by foxtrot_lima_yankee »

Plane arrive at Hong Kong with delay, and departed as scheduled for its next destination at 16.10 local time.
2 hours later he came back for landing at Hong-Kong.
Covers were placed on the engine, the plane will overnight at Hong-Kong.

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Post by SN30952 »

tolipanebas wrote:Most likely a very minor technical glitch, which can be fixed in a few minutes.....
A faulty hose, part of the elevator control system, that was the problem.
They first tried to fix the problem with a part from an A340.
That didn't work.

Flight continues Monday, when they fly to Washington's Dulles International Airport.

If the delay was longer than normal it was because A380 spare parts are not yet available @FRA.

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