Alitalia cancels 121 flights today!

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A318 was a very nice flight, good food and a very comfortable seat (economy).
Sometimes I get the feeling people complain about everything they can think about.
Sometimes I get the feeling people praise what they are indoctrinated to. In NL this is part of a life style. The smaller the country, the worse it gets!
And that often leads to prejudgments for what you don't even know or even haven't tried.

Some years ago I asked a Dutch travel agent which was the world's largest airline. KLM, he answered.

In a lunatic asylum, a mad patient walks away too much from the cure-house and crosses the surrounding park for the first time. At a certain point he sees a gate (locked of course). He gets closer and he sees persons walking just on the other side.
He points to a pedestrian and asks: "tell me, with how many are you in there?"

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Thats the only way to survive theese days-to glorify your national airline and keep your eyes and ears shut and sing in the wardrobe for an loooooong while. maybe that can help alitalia a new mare nostrum with empty planes.

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