FS Lan Party 2015

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FS Lan Party 2015

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IVAO Belgium will again be hosting the anual FS Lan Party.
This year is our 14th Edition will be held 10th October 2015.
The FS Lan Party of this year is organised in Ontmoetingcentrum Everberg, Gemeentehuisstraat 11, Everberg, Belgium.

The FS Lan Party is a LAN party specific to Flight Simulation. We will allow you to fly in a local network under full coverage of ATC in a challenging environment.

Additionally a friendly atmosphere with lots of drinks, food, prizes and a lot more, the ideal way to socialize with other flight simulator users.

We kindly invite you to come and take a look at what we have to offer.
Hoping to meet you there :)

More info: http://fslanparty.be/
Jessy Stas
Assistant Director - Belgium
Special Operations Assistant Coordinator - Belgium

International Virtual Aviation Organisation
http://ivao.aero | http://ivao.be

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FS Lan Party 2015

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I was wondering what games you planned on playing at the lan party. I was talking to my friend today about it. We might be interested in coming to the party. Right now the only shooter game I got is Battlefield 1942 Deluxe Edition. I have lots of strategy games, since thats what I like the most. I have Warcraft 3, Highland Warriors, Warcraft 2, which I got years ago. Also got all of the Age of Empires Games.

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