APG Birthday Event: together celebrating 27 years of flying

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APG Birthday Event: together celebrating 27 years of flying

Post by AFApresident » 14 Nov 2010, 12:45


"The Pilots and Staff of the American Pacific Group (APG)(grouping these fine airlines: American Flight Airways (AFA)and Pacific Airways (PAY)) would like to extend an invitation to you to attend and help us celebrate our APG Birthday Bash Flyin celebrating 14 years for AFA and 13 years for Pacific. This will occur on both Saturday, 11/20 and Sunday, 11/21.

The flight on Saturday departs Detroit (AFA's HQ) for Seattle (Pacific's HQ) anytime between 2000-2200EST (0100-0300Z). On Sunday, we will reverse the route departing Seattle for Detroit between 1300-1500EST (1800-2000Z). ATC has been contacted and will be present at both locations and possibly en-route.

The flight on Saturday was scheduled to be most convenient to our friends and pilots in the India and Oceania region and the flight on Sunday for those in the US and Europe. However, many of us hardcore fliers (myself included) plan to attend both.

We would be honored as a virtual airline if pilots from your airline are able to attend.

For more information visit http://apg.flyafa.com/birthday/.

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