Impact of your organisation on BRU

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Impact of your organisation on BRU

Post by DannyVDB »

Hi all,

I am just wondering which organisations have a big impact on the figures of BRU airport.

We all know that e.g. the EC and related bodies are major users of the airport: own staff travelling around; people visiting the EU bodies in Brussels; people attending events of the EU; family of expats visiting or travelling to their homes; etc.

But what with your company/organisation? Do you know their impact? I belong to a big organisation (> 21.000 employees) and heard some figures on the travelling of our staff (quite impressive). [Travel of own staff is around 22.000 trips on an annual basis, but I have no clue about the number of flights for each trip on average. Also many other trips of people linked to our organisation are not included]. But I also know we attract many 'external' people as well: events; project meetings; international visitors; ...

Many European trips, but also many intercontinental trips.

What about your organisation: do you know how many trips? what kind of? ...


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