False hi-jacking alarm on an Air Europa Airbus A330 at Amsterdam Schiphol

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Re: False hi-jacking alarm on an Air Europa Airbus A330 at Amsterdam Schiphol

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FkBE wrote:
08 Nov 2019, 08:48
Very interesting... This is fake news being created right under our nose and suprising to see how quickly it is taken over as confirmed.
When a calamity happens, a tsunami of information starts. Those who are involved don't give details till the situation is cleared (like the Dutch Marechaussee Police: "an incident is going, we are aware"). News sites hence rely on non-official information, mostly based upon hearsay and hear-hearsay. Some sites publish a scoop, even when they can't double check their information. Example: this tweet from Internetradio Radio Nostalgie Nederland: "...Vliegtuigkaping #Schiphol volgens insiders is er een kaping gaande aan Pier D. Het zou gaan om 3 verdachten met messen. Nader bericht volgt..." (relevant for your question: "volgens insiders" = according to insiders).
https://twitter.com/RadioNostal/status/ ... 2034059265

Some other newssites take over that news, and amend "according to insiders" into "according to non verified sources". Like Schipholregio.nl newssite: "...De hulpdiensten zijn massaal uitgerukt vanwege een mogelijke kaping op Schiphol. Uit niet geverifieerde bronnen wordt er gesproken over 3 personen aan boord van een vliegtuig die dreigen met een mes..."
https://schipholregio.nl/mogelijke-kapi ... live-blog/

Euh... Or maybe the above is vice versa?! Schipholregio.nl with the scoop, and Radio Nostalgie Nederland with the copy/paste?

Now, to the birth of fake news: some editors from other news sites, who don't have time read the full phrase because they also want to read 100 other reports in 5 minutes, don't read the word "unverified" and only copy/paste "3 men with knives".

It happens all over the world. Example: whenever there is a mass shooting in the U.S., first reports allways mention "multiple shooters".

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