The change of the worldwide aviation landscape

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Re: The change of the worldwide aviation landscape

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In meantime some more news regarding AMS.

Groenlinks, the majority party of AMS, and shareholder of 20% in AMS, will not a further grow of AMS by at least 2023. They are checking juridical steps to do so. The government however, which is shareholder of 70%, would like to let the airport grow again as from 2020.

Also KLM is fighting against a new housing complex, schuilhoeve, which will be build next to the airport.

Groenlinks is in favor of building close to the airport. Of course they want bcs then the airport cannot expand.

A lot of airlines are using already bigger equipment to AMS. This result only in a small pax increase. But on a certain moment it will stop

Why to not relocate to BRU and using BRU as their satellite airport? Still place enough during afternoon and evening

In meantime BRU decided to isolate much more houses around the airport to protect them, as much as possible, against noise. A bigger budget is foreseen

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