Another strike at skyes (Belgocontrol): 12-13 March 2019

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Re: Belgian FIR quasi-closed during night 01-02/03

Post by telspace2005 »

In this case, the ATC from Luxemburg, or Cologne, or Maastricht could not take over the traffic? It is just to bring the planes closed to Brussels and then the control tower takes over.
Share the radars signals and that's it.

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Re: Belgian FIR quasi-closed during night 01-02/03

Post by mvg »

That would be too easy :)
Each country is responsible for his territory and any delegation is subject to agreements between the authorities from those countries.
Moreover, to be allowed to control a portion of airspace, one needs a specific qualification (for that airspace and "kind of work" (ACC, Approach, Tower), a valid license (training required) and also currency on that sector.
A neighboring country will never "control" a plane in an airspace which doesn't belong to him.
Like a controller will never let a plane fly in someone else's sector without prior coordination or approval (even inside the same country).

By the way the radar "signals"/data are shared!

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