How is fun skateboarding?

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How is fun skateboarding?

Post by JoyceParker » 14 Jan 2019, 16:38

Skateboarding is an exciting sport, highly entertaining; anyone can play this sport. However, for beginners, because they are not familiar with a skateboard, they will feel this game is quite complicated, and it is difficult to stand on it. You may not know, professional skateboarders who have spent many years of practicing patience can master skills and achieve many results. Today, skateboarding is a real sport enjoyed by many people and has become more popular than ever. Everyone can easily access it and much more comfortable than 40 years ago. Read skateboarding topics and issues at Skateadvisors website

Skateboarding is becoming a trend many people pursue, so why do people love it so much? What is this exciting sport? Let's find out. For those who are just starting to play skateboarding, they almost feel thrilled and are more excited than many other sports. Gradually when you get used to the skateboard, you can begin to the somersault, 180-degree rotation or whatever you want. Over time, along with the practice, you will succeed in this skateboarding sport, and that's why this sport is so popular.


Besides the above reason, there is still another reason to answer the question: "Why is skateboarding so exciting?". Young people are very active and want to explore adventurous, stimulating, and skateboarding games that have all those elements. Some other sports like hockey are quite good but require players to spend a long time learning, your fitness and your appearance must be outstanding to play it. However, with skateboarding, you can play at any time, without restraining time and intensity of practice. Besides, skateboarders feel the freedom with the skateboard, so most young people are players of this sport.
When playing skateboarding, it is necessary to have a skateboard that suits you and skateboard accessories, if you are looking to buy them, please see the detailed feedback of products around skateboarding here:

Although skateboarding sports now have a strong foothold in society, there are still several people who oppose, showing disapproval of this sport. They argue that skateboarders are rebellious and do not work for the community. It is amusing thoughts and needs to be re-explained. Across the country, young people who play skateboarding with passion and love, support and set their dreams. To become a professional skateboarder, possessing soft skills you need to try to practice a lot, but also need a parallel passion, we believe that you will quickly do get what you want.

Now, instead of walking, need a board, and you can confidently walk around town, discover lots of exciting things. Let's start experiencing today to know why skateboarding is so exciting. We hope you will love it. I wish you will succeed.

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Re: News from Brussels Airlines Technics

Post by sn26567 » 14 Jan 2019, 17:31

JoyceParker wrote:
14 Jan 2019, 16:38
yesterday the hangar was full, 3 avros 2 A319 and a A330 outside...
Three Avros? Which airlines?
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Re: News from Brussels Airlines Technics

Post by nordikcam » 14 Jan 2019, 17:32

JoyceParker wrote:
14 Jan 2019, 16:38
I just realized that there where still no topic about Brussels Airlines technics so i open one.

I wanted to know beside Brussels Airlines, for witch other company Brussels Airlines and Korongo was doing the maintenance the the hangar of Brussels and Lubumbashi.

And if they were some project to expand it. Even if Brussels Airlines have the bigger hangar, it still quite small during the weekend, yesterday the hangar was full, 3 avros 2 A319 and a A330 outside...
The AVRO'S are still there ?@ BRU ?

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