Brussels Airlines in 2018

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Re: Brussels Airlines in 2018

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I fear that the CRJ is there to stay quite a while. The SSJ contract was for two years...
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Re: Brussels Airlines in 2018

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Checked the booking system..
BHX by CRK and later on background to A319...
BLL by CR9....

No painted CRJ 's soon...

New types flown 2021 .. //

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Re: Brussels Airlines in 2018

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Darjeeling wrote: 29 Dec 2018, 11:55 ...well let's rather say that this is what the internal communication dept of SN says of it. ;)

I've rarely seen an airline choosing a seat that isn't yet certified but that still is for sale on the market. :?
It actually happens all the time. Each time something is changed to the basic off the shelf model, seats require new certification (can be 'minor' if it's just a special new fabric used or something or it can be extensive if something more structural is customized). And plenty of airlines order customized models of existing models (also SN). And in addition the cabin as a whole also needs to be certified again depending on what has been changed.

Btw SFD is in the proces of its cabin retrofit (it was partly stripped of its cabin anyway as a donor for SFC and SFB), that's not because LH still has to decide on which seats to put in there...

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