Brussels Airlines' punctuality

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Brussels Airlines' punctuality

Post by b.lufthansa »

I am very surprised to (not) read the terrible on-time performance by Brussels Airlines!

Last month only 56% of the flights left on schedule. One of the worst results compaired to other European carriers!

What is the reason for it?

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Re: Brussels Airlines' punctuality

Post by RTM »

Just a guess... but... 22/3...?

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Re: Brussels Airlines' punctuality

Post by Boeing767copilot »

Not fit-for-duty Belgocontrol ? ;)

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Re: Brussels Airlines' punctuality

Post by airbuske »

Since the attacks on 22/3 we have almost every day slots at our hub Brussels most of the time due to ATC staffing...
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Re: Brussels Airlines' punctuality

Post by speedbird1 »

I would say having flown Bru Air alot in the last few years that the punctuality hasn't been great for a while, certainly before the attacks and ATC issues we have at the moment.

In my experience boarding is commenced too late (ignore flights with reactionary delay) and the large amounts of hand baggage seem to cause delays when off loading cabin bags to the hold and all the usual arguements from pax.

Just my 2 cents worth.


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Re: Brussels Airlines' punctuality

Post by b720 »

I used to take them on a weekly basis to GVA (before March 22) almost never on time. 30 min delay was actually on time.. often delays of between 30 min - 60 min. I almost always missed my train in GVA..
Flew them twice again after MArch 22.. each sector was over 1h30 delayed!!! On the outbound we were eventually transferred to an Air Titan ... on the inbound over 2 hours delay from GVA and over an hour awaiting luggage at BRU. Not a big fan of SN right now!

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Re: Brussels Airlines' punctuality

Post by Kris »

I flew alot out of BRU pre 22/03. Had 6 flawless flights out of DUS in april and may. Flew first time out of BRU on june 6, SN2259 to CPH, 3 hours delay and return flight on 10/06 1 hour delay as aircraft arrived late in CPH. delays can always happen offcourse, but reading this I have the impression that its not an exception nowadays...

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Re: Brussels Airlines' punctuality

Post by Sabena320 »

Their operational execution of their flights is terrible in general. There are many structural reasons why flights leave with delay every day again, and nothing is being done about it.

For May a huge impact was the transition from an old check-in and flight management system (system where pax are boarded, rebooked, loading information, generation of loadsheets,...) to a new one. This was done without the preparation of new procedures for several new issues that popped up immediately after the introduction. The first day it was not uncommon for a flight to get delayed up to 90min because nobody knew what to do, even today it still causes a lot of problems.

The fact that their load planning and loadsheets are being made in a remote location in Prague made things 10 times worse and for May this is THE reason why their punctuality dropped that bad. Even today, it is still a source for a huge amount of the delays caused.

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