Loop: Brussels Airlines' new frequent flyer programme

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Re: Loop: Brussels Airlines' new frequent flyer programme

Post by sterling » 08 Nov 2018, 20:17

Ref: https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/luft ... amme-loop/

Interesting... I have the impression that Lufthansa doesn't want that SN is using M&M as it is a point-to-point network. Up to now, LOOP had some reason of existence together with M&M. However, with this latest announcement, it looks like that LH has now a perfect excuse to offload SN from the M&M program.

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Re: Loop: Brussels Airlines' new frequent flyer programme

Post by theeuropean » 08 Nov 2018, 20:57

I oddly get a different idea. As much as I have read here, I have the feeling since more and more people are flying SN they want to retain that group of fliers. To me, I don't think anything will change with the planing but I have the feeling LH is getting into a bind with the amount of people flying SN, so not so easy to change to Eurowings.

From what I have heard here (Vienna), it took ages for Eurowings Austria to get an agreement for the pilots and cabin crew - I also seem to think that Austrian will be the first one with more Eurowings aircraft and changes than SN because of all the competition here.

This all just an opinion I state and from what I have heard and seen.

Good evening to all!

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