Abnormalities in BRU-ANR-CRL-LGG-OST in 2015

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Re: Abnormalities in BRU-ANR-CRL-LGG-OST in 2015

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On 10th July 2015, a Bluebird Cargo 737-300F from LGG to ??? had a gradual loss of pressurisation during the climb. The Belgian AAIU has published an interim report on 31st January 2017. I don't think it has been published here before:

pdf 177kB:
http://mobilit.belgium.be/sites/default ... 2015-6.pdf

Quote from the above report: "...When setting T/O Thrust FO GUD noticed a slightly different N1 on the engines. After lift-off I noticed pressure in my ears and the cabin not pressurising. The setting of the pressurisation panel was checked by FO GUD and correct. We cleaned up the aircraft on schedule, accelerated to 250kt and I used V/S with a rate of 1000ft/min for a shallow climb. The cabin climbed and followed slightly below the present altitude. We were cleared for further climb, initially with a left turn to SUXIM and thereafter to maintain present heading. Passing approximately FL050 the AUTO FAIL LIGHT came on. We tried to stabilise the cabin by switching the PRESSURISATION MODE SELECTOR to STANDBY and set the CAB ALTITUDE to 6400ft for a climb to FL330 according the CAB/FLT Altitude Placard. While reading the AUTO FAIL CHECKLIST of the QRH we were cleared to BOMBI. Shortly before reaching FL100 the cabin appeared to stabilise because a differential pressure build it up, the cabin climb decreased and I felt a different pressure change on the ears. I decided to continue the shallow climb with 1000 ft/min above FL100 and to return to Liege if we are not able to reach a higher flight level because we were not able to reach the destination in FL100 with the fuel on board. While discussing the system, continuing the checklist and reaching FL140 the cabin altitude warning horn came on. We donned the oxygen masks and initiated a descent to FL100 according procedure. FO GUD declared emergency and requested vectors back to LGG. A normal landing in LGG on RWY 23L followed..."

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