Ryanair condemned for denying boarding assistance

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Re: Ryanair condemned for denying boarding assistance

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tolipanebas wrote:Interesting to see how so many people think FR should be allowed to do as it pleases, for as long as they don't charge too much for their tickets. Well, excuse me, but in a civilized society there are certain elementary rules which must be followed by all companies -regardless their business model- and one of those elementary rules includes having a non-discrimination attitude towards all pax, including offering full accessability to handicaped persons: there's just no compromise on that front and rightfully so!

FR either has to adapt its retarded business model and its rude ground operating procedures to the legal realities of today, or face (more serious) legal consequences in future and those who feel it is insane to ask all this from a low cost company like FR should seriously question their own moral attitude, because what you're all saying then is that you're perfectly fine with seeing people being discriminated against based on their physical disabilities, just for the sake of your own little extra profit. Shame on you, really!

What's next? Openly laughing with any disabled pax left behind at the gate and sarcasticly waiving at them even as your plane pushes, while loudly saying just how great it is of FR to see them kick off such labour intensive pax for whom's sake you'd otherwise have had to pay at least half a euro of service charge on your ticket!? :shock:
And then next thing you know, your cheap FR flight diverts to some isolated shithole around Europe and fully in line with its policies, FR leaves you stranded there! After which 9 out of 10 pax on board who were perfectly in favour of FR no-compassion attitude just a couple of hours ago, will now suddenly say what a shame it is?! That's just so typical really...
heh? i haven't seen a single post suggesting any of those :roll:
again, you get the service you pay for

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Re: Ryanair condemned for denying boarding assistance

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The last "isolated shithole" I diverted to was MAD?

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Re: Ryanair condemned for denying boarding assistance

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andorra-airport wrote:
earthman wrote:Anyway it IS Ryanair's responsibility
By law maybe yes. I see it as a handling agent who did not follow up the contract at that moment.
Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m afraid that the legislation is a tiny bit more relevant than your personal opinion in this type of matters. The customer has a binding contract with Ryanair. Ryanair in turn (maybe) has a binding contract with a subcontractor. Each party is responsible for honoring his part of the deal in the contract he agreed to and assuring that the counterparty delivers in respect of the contract.

If ryanair is condemned by the judge but feels that the subcontractor is at fault, it should pay the fine to the customer and in turn file a complaint against the subcontractor since that is their counterparty and not the one of the customer.

Simple question: did the customer pay Ryanair or the handling agent?

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