Brussels Airport (BRU) infrastructure: future

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Re: Brussels Airport (BRU) infrastructure: future

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Boavida wrote: 12 Jan 2021, 14:58
Conti764 wrote: 23 Dec 2020, 07:59 Quite unfair. If you want to compare entrances, take BRU's terminal buildings as example and not this temporary infrastructure which makes the tents actually a good thing. If it was more than temporary a more definitive construction would have been build.
It's not unfair. This IS the entrance area for all passengers who are dropped off, arrive by bus or taxi. That is a LOT of pax! They never see the exterior of the departure hall due to this "temporary" drop off zone. Temporary since 2016 and probably here to stay for many, many years to come. So not so temporary...
It IS temporary. Covid-19 probably slows everything down but that's a valid excuse. Cash is very low at this time. Most passengers don't give a damn about how it looks at the drop off and given the fact that in normal times parkings are filled to capacity, a large numbers of passengers do see the terminal building iso the drop off zone.
I still haven't seen a plan to modernise the area. And I'm afraid Corona will be the perfect excuse to delay things even further... :|
Because it will go away one day. The train station will expand, the bus station will be renovated, trams (and subway?) will be added to it...

Why waste money on things that are going away?

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Re: Brussels Airport (BRU) infrastructure: future

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De Lijn is to create a new tram line from Brussels - North to Brussels Airport, from 2026, using the current 25 and 62 paths and should be built from 2023 the area from "Eurocontrol" to Brussels Airport. ... .facebook

Why not STIB/MIVB by extending tram line 62?
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