Airlines to introduce rear-facing seats??

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Post by euroflyer »

This is not about more legroom, forget it. It is about more money :roll:

But you need of course a positive story :P

As far as I understand the systems works as follows: Because of the front/rear/front seating layout the seats do not have to be as wide as today ("shoulders can overlap" :twisted: :twisted: ). This than allows airlines for example to install a 3-4-3 configuration where today only 3-3-3 would be possible :oops:

Now they claim, this would in turn allow the airlines to put less seat rows in the plane (and therefore give us more legroom) :roll: However, if already we can figure out that putting in one extra seat per row and still the same number of rows is the even better deal for the airline, their management will find out soon as well :oops:

With these seats Lufthansa might even manage to put a 3-4 configuration in their Avro 85's :shock: :shock:

So hopefully someone will be able to stop this nonsense ...

On the other hand, that could be a solution to further shorten turn-around times :? If there is no front and no rear anymore, you do not have to turn around the aircraft at all anymore :mexwave:
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Post by earthman »

You can only put in so many extra seats before you would also need additional emergency exits, this might result in less rows, thus more legroom. There might also be issues with total weight.

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