Brussels airlines: logo and colours

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Post by Flyuli »

:thumbsup: :D :D I don't the tail.. Look like a low-cost..

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Post by Flyuli »

Flyuli wrote::thumbsup: :D :D I don't the tail.. Look like a low-cost..
i don't like sorry

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Post by Philippe1983 »

It also looks like my avatar... Hmm, strange... 8)


Post by b-west »

I saw the A319 today at Brussels Airport. Well... it *still* has to grow on me. It's not that I don't like it, I think the livery is quite ok. But it's just the fact that I'm gonna hate not seeing the s-tail anymore.

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Post by CSB »

I found it hard to believe that this isn't already up her, the 737 in the new colors, and i must say it's really starting to grow on me

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Post by Atlantis »

I like it.

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Post by C_J »

It looks great on the 737!

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Post by jal »

To me, the new c/s looks better on the B737 :lol:

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Post by kence »

It's a pity that there is so much light blue on the aircraft, I prefer the dark blue or white :-)

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Post by euroflyer »

Had the opportunity yesterday afternoon to see both the A319 and the 737 in new colours at the same time in BRU, quite close to each other (A51 und A69 I would guess?, I was leaving from A55 on LH to FRA). The design indeed starts to grow on me as well (but slowly ...). However, it clearly fits much better with the 737.

Anybody information on when the first Avro will be in new colours?
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Post by BrusselsAirlines »

A lot of fuss...

Was there anybody who was happier with the liveries of the past - it's definitely as good as it gets!

Check it out;

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