Brussels airlines: logo and colours

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Post by Dude320 »

fokker_f27 wrote:@Dude320: Why should it be white? There is no repainting service in Brussels, so the reason it had to be shipped to AMS is so it could be repainted. The reason it arrives so late is probably so noone would be out to take a 'sneak peek'.
@AirDupont: I'm pretty sure they can change registrations as often as they want. It's just that it's a waste of money to re-register it if it'll stay in the same country.

Off course the 319 has been painted in the new livery at QAPS AMS, but covered in white stickers, so the logo is only shown at the press release

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Post by Anarki »

Atlantis wrote:Is there somebody who knows when exactly is the ceremony? Morning, noon??

They forgot something :roll: When is the ceremony ? :lol: :lol:

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Post by OOVEX »

Anarki wrote:
Atlantis wrote:Is there somebody who knows when exactly is the ceremony? Morning, noon??

They forgot something :roll: When is the ceremony ? :lol: :lol:
Starts at 11h30 local, for about 2h.

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Post by sunwing »

Here is a sneak peek:


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Post by TWA »

no comment :shock:

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Post by FlyA330 »

:shock: what the hell is this.....????? This is just ugly and cheap!! :oops:

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Post by Cartman »

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Post by golf1411 »

I don't like it :cry:

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Post by Abale »

Congratulations to the spotters!
I would rather say "change in continuity". It would be interesting to hear the VEX voices too, how they feel about their new identity.

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Post by Qwerty »

It is now not possible anymore to books any flight after 24/03 with VEX. However, a few weeks/months ago I booked a flight for june 07. What is happend to that and the times there?

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Post by foxtrot_lima_yankee »

At least th repainting should nt have cost that much, They changed the S-tail into a B-tail, changed the SN into the new logo and kept Brussels airlines.
Looks like a low-cost carrier design.
I see difficult times ahead.

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Post by beaucaire »

That was the best logo ever used by Sabena-they should have kept it for the new airline-designe....


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Post by sn26567 »

It was an original pinting by René Magritte for Sabena.

Where has it gone? In the hands of the administrator of the bankruptcy, who sold it at an auction for a sizeable amount of money. To whom?

... and, by the way, congratulations to those who managed to take pics of OO-SSG in the new colours! I knew that at Luchtzak somebody could do it!

From Geneva,
ex Sabena #26567

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Post by Lyulka »

I liked the logo as such, but in this colour scheme...
When you change the logo/brand name, you would better change the colours completely, and not just switch the logo's.
A shame, I gave them some credit in the beginning....
Congrats to the ones making those first pictures.

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Devon Rex
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Post by Devon Rex »

Well, the logo is indeed nice, plain and simple. But, as said above, they could have changed the colourscheme... It doesn't look like a new start in this way. Just some cheap makeover...

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Post by rut-her »

It looks indeed like a cheap c/s. Only the tail changed and the 'SN' was replaced by a 'B'

I really was hoping they would keep the 'S'-tail



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Post by foxtrot_lima_yankee »

The managers at SN s really have no imagination!!!
If they can t even think about a proper colour scheme, how could they imagine business plans for the future??

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Post by Ozzie1969 »

They should have got rid of that lightblue underside. It really doesn't match the rest.

Dark blue + red + white : those are the colours of Brussels Airlines.

But what do these colours have to do with Brussels? Nothing, probably. But these 3 colours are seen in a great many national flags (France, Great Britain, USA, ...), just not ours...

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Post by blackhawk »

Oh well, let's hope their new product is better than the new cs ....


Post by b-west »

Well, the tail looks ok, but they could've at least changed the fuselage a bit more ... all I can see is that the orange line is gone and the milka belly is now over the whole length.

Hmmm... "it's gonna have to grow on me" :roll:

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