New Swiss Airline: !!

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What do you think of the livery?

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Post by liebensd » 26 Sep 2003, 22:20

If some one will place a picture of this aircraft on Luchtzak, than could Bart place this picture in the directory of " Pictures of the city parade 2003 in Ghent" :)



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Post by Vonsmalhausen » 27 Sep 2003, 01:15

i like coloured aircraft,..... but this is over the edge 8O PINK off all colours :roll:
well, i'l wait and see wat it gives in real but i'm not optimist :wink: who nows, maiby it will come out nice on a blue sky :?:

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Post by sn26567 » 27 Sep 2003, 09:03

Sabena_690 wrote:SN and LX are currently offering BRU-ZRH return all-in for €139 + tax.
Under what very restrictive conditions?

14-day advance booking?
Saturday night stay?
Non-refundable for any reason?

Not really a businessman ticket...
ex Sabena #26567

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Post by Sabena_690 » 27 Sep 2003, 10:10

That's true André, difficult for businessman...

Brussels Airlines - Flying Your Way

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Post by Glider » 27 Sep 2003, 14:32

Ok, my dear fellow spotters... Do me a favour...

From the moment that this plane comes to BRU, please take your sunglasses with you!!! Man, these colours are awful (but original, I must say).

Poor parents... December will be very expensive for them, certainly when little girls want a barbie-plane like that for sinterklaas or christmas... ;-)

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Everybody talked about the colour of the a/c in the slide

Post by SN30952 » 03 Oct 2003, 16:59

But here is some background info on the company...
The new company was formed by expanding Odette Airways, which has operated flights from Zurich to the Balkans for the past two years. Helvetic Airways said it will also continue to carry on with operations under the Odette banner.
Odette Airways started with a MD-83 HB-INV bought from Crossair (It seems they did not spend much on the paint job!)
Does this mean you will never see that pink aircraft?
Helvetic officials say the new airline is 'no frills' and 'affordable,' but not 'cheap' - apparently seeking to carve out a middle ground between the major airlines and Europe's lowest fare airlines. Helvetic will operate 100-seat Fokker 100 aircraft taken over from American Airlines under a lend-lease agreement.
Odette Airways

The swiss has info as where the Fokker 100 come from: Aus für Odette/Germania

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