Istanbul Airport and TK domestic business

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Istanbul Airport and TK domestic business

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Hello dear Aviation 24 friends,

For those who it might interest, this is my latest IST new airport movie.

When I had my first flight from this airport it was still called ISL and was empty with no lounge nor shops.

Today, with the airport operating normally it feels very different but still as wide and spacious.

The domestic lounge however wasn't any different than the previous one in Ataturk nor any different from any TK domestic lounge, will see what the international one has to offer next month...

Taxi time is a mess, almost as long as the flight itself on this particular flight not to mention it being longer on flight to Izmir for exemple.

Yes the airport is beautiful and offers a great experience but it is far from efficient for local passengers travelling on short domestic flights( mostly big cities such as Ankara,Izmir...).

I read somewhere Sabiha Gokcen which is on the Asian side of Istanbul got a passenger rise by 18%, not a surprise considering commuting in Istanbul is cheaper and quicker on this airport.

Coming back to the flight, it was operated on an older than average TK boeing 737-800 delivered year 2006 with the old cabin in a 3-3 configuration in J class.

Food was great this time, actually it has almost always been very good but portions got bigger and filling.

On arrival I had the surprise to spot the Belarus Boeing 767 and Turkish Governement's wide body fleet.

Here is the video:

Hope you enjoy,

Etops Flyers

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Re: Istanbul Airport and TK domestic business

Post by emirhan »

3rd runway is the key for long taxi domestic flights but sadly its projected to be completed in 2020-21

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