777LR domestic in the US

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777LR domestic in the US

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Hello Dear Aviation 24 friends,

During my trip to the US I had the chance to fly the 777LR domestic from Los angeles to Atlanta on Delta.
It was a very pleasant flight as the 777 is much smoother than narrow-body aircrafts especially when you fly far in the back of the cabin.
I was on an inbound flight from San Diego and had to transfer between terminals which was done by bus free of charge by Delta.
The flight itself was pretty quick as we had strong tailwinds, we reached a top groind speed of around 1110km/H.
Inflight service was great as the crew had a big smile on their faces and would provide passengers with complimentary drinks & snacks during the whole duration of the flight.
As an AvGeek, my favourite IFE is the wing view and the 777LR wing was all I needed on that 3H flight.
Nice sceneries, great airplane, great crew and an amazing windy approach & landing in Atlanta made my day.

Here I got a movie ready to share with you about my Delta 777-200lr experience.
This was a connecting flight from San Diego to Dusseldorf, you can check out both the San diego-Los Angeles Embraer 175 and the Atlanta-Dusseldorf 767-400er flights as well, I have a link in the description for them.

Hope you enjoy!
Etops Flyers

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Re: 777LR domestic in the US

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