DELTA B767-400ER flight report ATL-DUS

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DELTA B767-400ER flight report ATL-DUS

Post by etopsflyers » 07 Mar 2019, 03:22

Hello Dear Aviation 24 friends,

Here is my flight report of the beautiful Boeing 767-400ER with Delta.
I had some time off and went to San Diego for some recreational flying which was the perfect occasion for me to travel on two rare planes I had not yet flown; the Boeing 747-400 Combi and Boeing 767-400ER.
I booked a two way ticket via Delta for around 460€ from Dusseldorf to San Diego which included 3 legs on the way to and 3more and the way back.
This gave me the chance to experience the "new winglet" embraer 175 with KLM Cityhopper but I also had one of my shortest flights on Delta connection flying their embraer 175 from Los Angeles to San Diego about 28min and arount 10K feet, pretty quick and impressive.
As a frequent Star Alliance flyer, I had never been on Delta or KLM previously and wouldn't actually consider them if it wasn't for these two airplanes however, from minute one I was pretty impressed by the kind and friendly staff of both KLM and Delta.
As stated earlier, I only paid around 460€ for a two way ticket which is ridiculously cheap considering Star Alliance airlines were looking at around 700€ in economy at the time I booked.
I went for the "basic" fare which didn't give me any checked-in luggage but had the right for one carry on and a small personal belonging so I packed everything in such manner.
On the way to SAN, I had the option to choose my seats free of charge via KLM 24H before departure however on the way back I had to negotiate with the staff at the gate for a window seat which they kindly helped me with.
On the way to the US I didn't want to bother with customs and carried my suitcase in the airplane however on the way back, I asked if I could check-in my "cabin bag" suitcase at the gate and they did it for me free of charge so I could forget about it during my connections,it as a checked-in bag to Dusseldorf.
One thing I loved about Delta was their smartphone application, I had realtime gate changes, flights info and could track my bag, very nice!
I personally think the Boeing 767-400ER looks great from the outside and once inside it felt quite OK.
She was configured in a 2-3-2 seating, cabin looked a bit outdated but this is what made me wanna fly it anyway.
I remember the time when I used to travel on US Airways, we would fly on an old 767-200ER with no IFE, no WIFI whatsoever, what mattered for was flying the beast, enjoying the flapless take off and breathing the air inside the beast.
I had the same feelings when flying both the old KLM 747 combi and Delta 764 both with poor IFE, headphones would not work properly on both my flights, very small screens but did it bother me? Not at all, I would rather be flying them before they go, the wing of the 747 is such a marvel, they are the art of engineering not to mention the 767-400ER's raked wingtips and technology.
Delta offers free WIFI on board for messaging, I could use whatsapp and messenger free of charge on my Delta flights.
Food was OK, not the best but can't say it was bad, flying economy I didn't have any expectations.
Crew was friendly and very nice to passengers there was this feeling between them and us, this harmony I could feel their love and passion about flying on both flights.
I can say I am pretty happy about my decision to try something new and I am glad I could fly on both the combi queen and the 764.
I have shared my KLM 747Combi experience previously so here is the 767-400ER one.
Hope you enjoy!
Etops Flyers

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Re: DELTA B767-400ER flight report ATL-DUS

Post by sn26567 » 07 Mar 2019, 11:33

Great report. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: DELTA B767-400ER flight report ATL-DUS

Post by etopsflyers » 07 Mar 2019, 14:32

I should thank Aviation 24 who gives me the opportunity to share my experiences.
Thank you for watching :)

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Re: DELTA B767-400ER flight report ATL-DUS

Post by Charlie Roy » 10 Mar 2019, 09:49

Very interesting read! :geek: From October to March Delta also operated the 767-400 on BRU-ATL, but last week they changed back to the 767-300. Unlike you, I like my aircraft modern, so am very happy to see the 767-300's back. Delta also have some older 757's flying to Latin America if that tickles your fancy.

Delta can have very cheap fares from BRU, especially for:

Flying BRU to Latin America can be extremely cheap with Delta if you spend one night in ATL on the way back.
So book a multi-trip like the following:

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