KLM Boeing 747-400 COMBI

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KLM Boeing 747-400 COMBI

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Hello dear Aviation 24 friends,

Here is my flight with KLM on their Boeing 747-400 COMBI.
My flight was from Amsterdam to Los Angeles on PH-BFV which had the push back incident a week prior to my flight.( maybe the reason for such a shiny winglet :D)
I was eager to fly her, this was my first time on the B747 and flying the combi made it even more exciting.
I was on an inbound flight from Dusseldorf so I cleared the passport check in no time and went to my gate.
First thing I saw was KLM heavies and it was such a great moment.
I had not seen a 747 for a long time and having the plane in front of me was just unbelievable.
We had an on time boarding for our flight to LA and I could see the back cargo door wide open during boarding.
Once I got inside it felt so original.
Yes the cabin is a bit outdated but I can't think of an other cabin.
I was seated 42K which I choose free of charge during online check in.
As I was seated on a window seat in the back of the cabin I had a great wing view.
The highlight of my flight besides the 747 was the crew.
Big smile on their faces and very polite realy made me feel welcome.
Food on board was OK, I didn't have any special expectations as I was flying economy.
IFE may not be the best for normal travellers not interested in aviation, it has no touch screen and is very slow however personally I didnt bother using it.
The flight went very smooth, captain would make announcements every now and then to inform us about turbulences, weather, arrival times etc.
The flight ended with a smooth almost on time landing in LAX.
The part I hate the most on my travels to the US is the border check for sure.
I travelled on visa waiver so I waited to fill an electronic document, get a receipt then wait again in line for the officer which is... not the best part of my journey especially after travelling very long.( this has nothing to do with the flight though)
The reason I didnt have a checked in bag was because I didnt want to get my bag then have all the headache with border control and tsa then check-in my bag again etc. My plan worked and I could catch my connecting flight to San Diego without further due. (The main problem is that they don't transfer bags automatically on the inbound connecting flights).
Anyway...here is the video of my amazing B747 experience with KLM!
Hope you enjoy!

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Re: KLM Boeing 747-400 COMBI

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Funnily, the Boeing 747-400 COMBI is my least favourite KLM aircraft, and the Boeing 767-400 is my least favourite Delta aircraft. But of course I am happy that you enjoyed the experience. 8-)

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