Eco/Climate/CO2-compensation experiences?

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Eco/Climate/CO2-compensation experiences?

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I'm not really sure this is the right sub-topic, hopefully it's the right forum anyway.
As there's more and more fuzz about climate, I was looking at the climate-cost of our trip to Japan. Although I'm an aviation-enthousiast, I don't mind the idea to pay or compensate for the impact on climate I'm causing with this trip.
When I look at the calculator of, there's either a 4,18 tCO2 impact (which can be compensated for 50.54 Euros), or 8 tonnes CO2 "including radiative forcing" (caused by the condensation trails), which can be compensated for € 96,86 BTW. This compensation can go to some vague projects: avoiding deforestation by providing better stoves un Uganda, or by better waterfilters in Kenya.
On the "CO2-equivalente emissions" are 13230 kg, so 13.23 tonnes, which can be compensated for a little over 200 euros. This compensation will go to 0.044 hectares of forest to compensate over 20 years.

Somewhere between 4 and 13 tonnes, somewhere between 50 and 200 euros, compensated by some vague and long-term projects don't give me the confidence that I'm really compensating for the climate impact, and not just green-washing my conscience.
Does anyone have experience with "good" or "real" compensations?

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