Biman Bangladesh overnight transit to appalling hotel (The Grand Plaza - Dhaka)

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Biman Bangladesh overnight transit to appalling hotel (The Grand Plaza - Dhaka)

Post by luchtzak » 07 Jan 2019, 10:14

Found this video on social media, reposting:

Bangladesh Biman overnight transit sent us to this appalling hotel called The Grand Plaza in Dhaka. I took this video to warn everyone of what I have experienced here at this hotel. They checked us into a room which was very damp and we felt intoxicated from the fumes. The bathroom had stains everywhere especially all over the toilet seat. We felt traumatised by the uncleanliness of the room as others also said their sheets smelt of urine as ours were also unclean.

Biman should have taken extra care for their passengers to ensure we do not suffer on our travels.
Further, Biman did not inform the hotel of how many passengers will be staying at the hotel and they sent a 12 seater car. Biman forced 16 passengers into this car and we were almost sitting on top of each other. Grown women were asked to sit on other women’s laps!

After we complained at the front desk of the hotel, they showed us 3 other rooms. However, all 3 rooms was as disgustingly poor as the other.

The only reason we used Bangladesh Biman is because it is the only airline that takes you directly to Sylhet and I believe they take advantage of that and its passengers.

Biman should take responsibility of this and be more aware of this matter. I am only posting this to warn everyone and hope that it will prevent this experience from happening to future passengers of Biman airlines.

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