Canceled flight 14/08 B788 JAF203 BRU-PUJ review

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Canceled flight 14/08 B788 JAF203 BRU-PUJ review

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Pre flight: I noticed that our aircraft, TUI's B788 oo-loe, was delayed by a day for it previous flight from MBJ to BRU ... /MKJS/EBBR but hey, it arrived on time for us so what?
Flight day: So we went to BRU for our holidays, flight would be ok as seen the day before. As we arrived at the airport the first thing i noticed was a decent delay, i can't remember what it was, but it was certainly 1.30h +, the delay you should worry about ;)
So when dropping our luggage we got a voucher to buy drinks. Didn't look ok to me...
We went to Pier B keeping in mind we would be there for at least some hours.
While wasting time on the B pier, walking around, visiting shops -again and again-, time passed by and i sent a twitter message to tui for a status update/ voucher request. Soon i got a reply on twitter that TUI was going to give new vouchers and an update to all the travellers. So yes, we got our vouchers soon after that and also their paper stuff about delays. The paper stuff was for a lot of us just a confirmation. And... Everybody started smiling!! This sounds incredibly after a delay of 2.30hrs but it really was! (me included).
We all knew we would get a DBC (denied boarding compensation) for this situation so f*ck this day! We would have arrived in the evening so this delay wouldn't affect our holliday at all!
Some time later, it was already 5pm i think, i was on the phone with my parents, they were also following up our flight. Well, my mother was the first, she told me while on the phone the flight was just canceled. So... we went back to start, exited the B pier, reclaimed our stuff went past customs and visited the TUI desk. There we got a voucher for a stay at crowne plaza.
There we ate something, went to bed to get up at 2.30 am.
We arrived around 3 am at the airport, got yet another voucher from TUI and boarded our plane at 6AM to arrive at 9AM in the dominician republic.

To sum up: we just lost a night at our destination but we got: 3 times a voucher, totalling almost 100 eur, a stay at an hotel in brussels with dinner and a compensation for our delayed flight.

TUI did -in my eyes- the correct thing giving us vouchers and the hotel for the night. However, the DBC is way over the edge, we almost lost no time during our holidays.
Of course i welcome all the refunds, but, seriously, paying 143 EUR for 3 persons for in total 45,000 km without deducting all the vouchers? That shouldn't be OK at all.

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