Pilot and Cabin Crew Strikes and the unstoppable Poison called Unions

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Pilot and Cabin Crew Strikes and the unstoppable Poison called Unions

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Pilot and Cabin Crew Strikes and the unstoppable Poison called Unions :shock:

We are a long way from the beginning of Labour movements and Revolutions back in the eighteenth Century.. also known as industrial revolution.
This was a time where more than ever, people needed to be represented not only for the lack of safety and conditions for their workers. It’s well known that people worked without breaks under insecure conditions that would put their safety and life at risk. We are not talking about free WIFI nor a complicated layover or rest times after a long flight. This was about a basic need to survive.

Since then, we have outlived several Word Wars, fallouts of democracy, Dictatorial regimes, The treaty of Maastricht / creation of EU and EEC and late but not least, the rise of Labour and unions.
I guess the Chapter “ Rise of Labour and unions” will be a rather sad part of history to look upon and I will explain why and in my opinion, why this will lead to a total collapse of the Aviation industry as we know it.

Sure we all need somebody to represent our interests and to fight for us, but who is there to fight for the company that employs you? I am certain that there are no perfect employees and that they are all far from perfect, but to interfere in their operations in such a massive way as we know it, can be considered a rather wrong approach.

People that work for Airlines behave like Slaves in the movie Amistad when in reality, they are just passengers traveling on a 2nd Class Fare and demanding Caviar for Dinner! Funny way, the current situation resembles the history of the Titanic :lol:

So anyway, where was I ? Right, on the overwhelming and exaggeration of what ONE believes to be totally acceptable to ONE Self and not the common good/wellbeing of a company or Airline.
We all love our 25€ Return flights to London Stansted with Ryanair or the 50€ Flights from Amsterdam to Lisbon with EasyJet. Sure it’s a bargain, but can we expect so much out of it?
Let’s not forget that there are people working behind this crazy fares and that this workers, differently from the poor Amistad Slaves, have the option to leave and look for something better in their life’s.

My point is, can we really expect any better from a 25€ Fare? I am sure they have their Aircraft Certifications / Operating certificates and Airworthiness certificates up to date such Lufthansa or KLM. On the other hand, they have excelled the art of Profitability by being efficient on Turnaround times, the choice of regional Airports and lower paid workers based on commission of what they sell.
Does this really make an Airline worst? It sure makes it hell Smarter for being efficient.. So let’s call some worker unions and demand rules that work on State owned monopolies like Lufthansa and KLM because if S*** comes to worst, the government will cover them up or at least try to stop a Bankruptcy like they did with Airberlin. Important is, that the managerial boards get their severance pay, regardless of the 1000 Families that made the Airline what it is.
Can we just stop for a moment and understand that Worker unions are no longer helping but a bit overachieving what the whole point of a union is? :?

Most of the readers will be quite irritated with my views, but at the end of the day, they will be the first ones coming January, to book their nice cheap Fare to Majorca to tank some sun on the beach :lol: .
As long as we all profit out of those cheap tickets, this won’t stop not even some parasite union, sucking every penny out of companies and making demands that are outrageous for an Airline’s own existence. :idea:

Wish you all a nice weekend :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:
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